Find Your Own Path


Find Your Own Path


Find Your Own Path, Westhampton, New York, 2016

Printed on 5 x7 archival matte fine art paper.

Unlimited Edition

Last September, I rented a tiny cottage on the Long Island Sound. I was on a writing deadline, and I wrote from sunrise to sunset. But right across the street was a path to a long long empty beach that stretched as far as my eye could see. So when I could no longer see my computer, I would emerge, bleary-eyed, and head out with Allie (my dog) to walk off the fog in my head.

To get to the beach, I had to walk this beautiful path. Through the grasses, I could just see the ocean ahead. That path symbolized the hope of open space ahead -- and the knowledge that, on this path of intentional homelessness, I am always finding my own path. But when I show up with hope and faith in what lies ahead, the path shimmers with promise.

When we have the courage to find our own path, we always find our way.

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