Horse Landscape


Horse Landscape

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Horse Landscape, Colorado, 2016

Printed on 11 x 14 matte archival fine art paper.

Edition of 10.

I have always loved the Lame Deer quote about the purported "gifts" of the white man that inexorably altered Native American lives: The gift from the white man that really was a gift was the arrival of the horse. Not only did they make a different kind of nomadic life possible, but, as he wrote, "Horses make a landscape look more beautiful."

From the time I was a little girl, I knew this. I always loved looking out of a car window when my parents were driving -- and seeing the horsies. I still do. It's just that now, sometimes, I get out and speak with them. I blow in their nostrils and chat with them over the fence, and I did with this friend in Eastern Colorado on a beautiful late fall day in 2016.

The text shares Lame Deer's sentiment and mine. The image is a wistful one. The horse longing for his freedom, and me longing for a horse.

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