That's the Song I Hear


That's the Song I Hear

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That's the Song I Hear, New York City, 2012

Printed on 5 x7 matte archival fine art paper.

Unlimited Edition

I saw this window display on the Upper East Side on a January morning in 2012 in New York City. This was my first trip to New York in almost a decade. A decade of loss and fear and contraction. But a new life was calling me -- a journey back to my Truest Self. The pure joy of this window sang to me. That's why this image is called, The Song I Hear, and the words incorporated in the image are from the Coca Cola theme song that was always on TV during my childhood. Even though it was an advertising jingle, it always felt like such a hopeful and uplifting song. I think that's why this image still always makes me smile. (And I don't even drink sodas!) Because it captures the internal song I always heard -- even when my outside life didn't match that tune. The song of joy and hope and possibility. That's the song I hear.

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